About us


AVO was founded in 2020 in Vorarlberg by Christoph Ganahl. "The motivation to start the AVO project came when I experienced the positive impact of minimal shoes on my body," says the founder himself. He himself was plagued by back pain from standing for long periods of time or the typical problems after running sessions. Shoes, especially running shoes, have become more and more technical and sophisticated. So why do we need more and more orthopaedists and physiotherapists? Somehow that didn't fit together. His conclusion after countless researches was that less is more. As a passionate product developer and problem solver, he developed his own footwear and improved it again and again.

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Our values


Sustainability cannot be defined with just a supposed miracle material. What is important is the avoidance of resources. Minimal footwear, as the name suggests, consists of the most basic necessities. Thus, on the basis of this concept, valuable resources can already be saved in production.


Regional production, short transport and delivery routes are decisive factors for sustainability. Avoiding air and sea traffic is therefore an essential factor.

Since our sandals are produced with regional partners, our shoes carry the label:





Health is important for daily well-being.

Minimal shoes let you feel the ground and provide more feeling and feedback when walking. The shoe concept has a positive effect on your entire body, as it counteracts foot and body malpositions.  That's why the minimal shoe is perfect to round off sustainability as a whole.