You would like to have even more support or use the sandals also for sports activities? Then the POWERSTRAP is the perfect addition. By attaching an additional strap, the sole adapts to the arch of your foot and provides optimal hold and wearing comfort.

This is how you adapt the Powerstrap to your sandal:

  1. Place the tape a few millimeters over the slit.

  2. Press the strap with the red buckle through the slit.

  3. Hold the sandal in your hands to build up some counter pressure.

  4. Pull the strap all the way through.

  5. Thread the strap through the buckle.

  6. The powerstrap is attached at the black loop after the toe separator.

  7. Done! The sole adapts perfectly to the natural arch of the foot and provides a better grip on the sole.

The length must be adjusted before hanging up. We recommend that you choose the length of the POWERSTRAP so that it only rests with slight tension. As the sole is very soft, it will adjust to the arch of the foot during the first 100 meters of walking and the POWERSTRAP will automatically loosen. Basically, the strap does not need to be retightened as it only helps the sole to adapt to the shape of your foot.

INFO: Pushing the strap through the slit may be harder with the new sandal. With time the material becomes softer, the slit wider and the strap can be threaded easily.