The time has finally come.
In summer, we're launching the new generation of sandals.

You want to be part of it? We thought so.

We are already fully engaged in the implementation... End of June is our goal!



You know the hassle of adjusting the straps on your sandal? Thanks to the innovative quick lacing system, the sandal can be put on in seconds. This allows an easy, unprecedented handling.

The right sole for different applications...

The Ultim8 sandal impresses with its extremely lightweight Hexagrip Light sole. Weighing less than 100 grams, it feels like a feather on your foot. Paired with the EVA midsole, it offers optimal comfort on hard surfaces, with a perfect barefoot feel.

The X-Trail sandal is equipped with the proven Vibram sole. The tread ensures perfect grip on trails and off-road. This makes it your companion on hikes or long walks.


Foot-shaped and zero drop - wide toe box and a flat sole. To get as close as possible to walking barefoot, the toe area is wide. The maximum toe spread gives your body a stable foundation. The flat sole, without a heellift, is easy on the joints and has a positive effect on your entire posture.


Can't wait to take your first steps in your Ultim8 or X-Trail sandal? The time is coming soon. Join our community and get inspired in the meantime. Visit us on  INSTAGRAM  and get even more information.