Before purchase


On which concept are the sandals based?

The sandals offer the foot protection from the ground. This can be pointed stones or a hot road. The sandals do not support or hinder the foot in its natural movement. The foot can do its natural work and develop into a strong and healthy foot, which is essential for our health.


For which terrain are the sandals suitable?

We offer two different types of soles. The softer rubber compound is suitable for the road or harder surfaces, as it offers greater cushioning comfort. The harder rubber compound gives you more stability and grip on the terrain. You can definitely use your AVO sandals in the wet - but you should not wear them in the water or go swimming with them.

Can I wear the sandals in the water?

As there are no long-term tests about the water resistance yet, we recommend not to use the sandals in water. However, you can wear the sandals in the rain or on wet surfaces without hesitation.


What is the fit of the sandals?

To get as close as possible to the barefoot walking feeling, the sandals are based on an additional sole plate. This is ergonomically designed to resemble the natural shape of the foot. Thus the foot has enough room to move and is not constricted as with conventional shoes or trekking sandals.


How do I find the right size?

On the page "size chart" we have put together everything you need to find the right size. You can find them in the footer. It is a manageable amount of work of not even 5min. and generally interesting, because you get to know your feet better.


Do you also ship internationally?

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. Since we are positioning ourselves on the German speaking market for the time being, we ask you to send us a short mail with your address and we will send you an offer.

After purchase


How do I adjust the belts?

You get your sandals with a basic adjustment. Since each foot is individual, you will most likely need to adjust the straps to fit your foot. You can find instructions on how to do this under "Adjust Straps" in the footer.

The tape frays out after shortening:

When you have found the right setting, you can shorten the tape to the right length with scissors. To avoid fraying, we recommend that you weld the tape with a lighter.

Why does wool come off the footbed?

The footbed is a felt made of 100% wool. The friction of the foot causes the first layer to rub off over time - wool balls appear on the surface because the short fibres come off. This is quite natural with a felt fabric and has no effect on the quality. You can easily remove them with a razor or by hand. The bottom layer has a binder and forms the solid base. You will notice your footprint or raised pressure points over time, which will give you feedback on your gait pattern.

Do the straps on the underside of the sole wear off?

When worn, the sole bulges and the strap touches the ground only slightly. The sole is milled out in the area of the straps. This means that the sole is softer in this area and the strap is above the sole. Even after long-term tests of almost 1000 km the belt shows no significant signs of wear.

When wearing the POWERSTRAP, my foot is pulled sideways over the sole:

The POWERSTRAP ensures that the sole adapts naturally to the arch of your foot. This way you generate maximum grip on the sole because the foot doesn't have as much movement forwards and backwards. Because the sole is very soft and easy to adjust, the POWERSTRAP requires very little tension. At the beginning you hang it up with a little tension. As soon as the sole pulls up, the strap loosens automatically. 

Only if the POWERSTRAP has too much tension can it pull your foot over the sole. As soon as you loosen the strap a little, the problem will be solved.

How do I care for the sandals?

We recommend to wash the sandals by hand. You should not scrub the wool footbed with a hard brush. It is best to clean it with your hands or with a very soft brush and water or soapy water. The straps are made of polyamide and can also be washed very well by hand.

What do I do if certain components wear out over time?

Our sandals are modular. This means that you can reorder any component and simply replace it. If the sole has worn out, you can simply replace it with a new one. If you want a different colour, you can simply replace the strap with a new one. All you need is a flathead screwdriver.