Size Chart

Every shoe manufacturer has a different size ratio. Therefore, for a sustainable, environmentally conscious purchase, please measure your foot to determine the correct size. This way you can start immediately upon receipt of the sandal and we (you and I) save ourselves unnecessary time and effort for returns.

Vorlage Sizechart.png

The right size

  1. Place a sheet of paper (A4) with the short edge against the wall.

  2. Put your foot on the sheet. The heel of your foot stands against the wall.

  3. Draw the contour of your foot with a pencil. Pay attention to the angle of the pen.

  4. Measure with a ruler from the bottom edge of the sheet to the longest point of the foot contour (usually the big toe).

  5. You will get the correct sole length if you add about 4 to 8mm to your result.


Tips for finding the right size

Notice that your foot slips backwards when walking up and slides forward when walking down. Therefore it is important to have a certain margin on the sole.

  • If your sandal is too long, there is a risk that you will get stuck in the front when you unroll.

  • If you are not sure, choose the larger size and tighten the heel strap a little. This gives you perfect clearance in the toe area and a little more length in the heel area, which does not have a negative effect when walking.