DEVOLD is a traditional company from Norway. All products are manufactured in the EU. They have their own factory in Lithuania, where all products are manufactured to high ecological standards. In the products there is a number code with which even the origin of the wool can be traced back to the farmer.


Merino wool is a natural high-tech fibre which is superior to many synthetic fibres by lengths. Here are some of the most important facts about merino wool:

  • The fabric is finely woven (under 20 microns) and therefore does not scratch the skin.
  • It does not stink even after being worn for a long time and several times, as it is antibacterial.
  • Temperature regulating: cools when warm and warms when cold
  • Very good moisture transport


The DEVOLD RUNNING WOMAN is your ideal companion for sporting activities. It has a waisted but loose cut.


Material: 69% Merino wool, 29% Tencel, 2% polyamide

Colour: Anthracite

Cut: slim (waisted, loose cut)