The Sensory-Board is the ideal addition to your training and business life. The Sensory-Board helps you to train your foot sensors by actively stimulating the nerve endings and reflex points which are constantly in exchange with the brain. It's not only a physical training, but also a mental training. The set stimuli have a relaxing and calming effect.


In summary, this means that you train, reduce stress and do something for your well-being at the same time.


How do I use the Sensory-Board?

Move actively with small steps on the board. Consciously take the underground and listen to your sensation. When you have found a very stimulating point, stay in this position and move your foot a little bit in all directions. You can also use it in many yoga exercises.


How is the Sensory-Board constructed?

The base is completely made of spruce wood. You move on natural stones that have their natural shape. For a higher efficiency they are arranged in a certain pattern. On the base there are floor protectors made of wool so that your floor is not damaged. The total area is 60x40cm.