Our TRAINERS are especially designed for use on the road as well as on easy terrain, such as forest or gravel paths, and are your perfect companion. The extremely non-slip and well-profiled VIBRAM sole, even wet operations are no problem.


Thanks to the included POWERSTRAP, you stand firmly with both feet on the ground and are ready for your next run.


The TRAINER offers, like all our sandals, the following features:

  • Comfortable tubular strap
  • Soft cotton toe separator
  • 8mm sole with three-layer construction
  • VIBRAM rubber sole
  • Cork middle layer
  • 100% wool footbed
  • Earthing through electrically conductive connection through the sole to the ground
  • Adaptation option for the Powerstrap


You will find information on how to find your size on the page "Size chart" in the footer.


  • Find the right size at "Size Chart" in the footer.




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