Adjust Straps

The straps of your sandal have a default setting when you receive it. Since each foot is individual, you have to adjust the straps to your foot. This requires a bit of sensitivity at the beginning. Most likely you will have to readjust the straps after the first time you wear them. Once you have found a basic setting for your foot, the readjustment is quickly done.

It is best to proceed as follows:

  1. The description shows how to extend the main band.

  2. Shorten the heel strap (Fersenband) to form a loop.

  3. Pull the main strap (Hauptband) forward to lengthen it.

  4. Lay the straps flat on top of each other at the nodal-point so that they are not twisted.

For example, if you lengthen the main strap (Hauptband), the heel strap (Fersenband) will automatically shorten. As a rule, you will then have to lengthen the heel strap (Fersenband) at the nodal-point, heel strap (Fersenband) to instep strap (Ristband), as well.


If you have found the right setting for your foot, you can shorten the strap to the right length. You can weld the end with a lighter to prevent it from fraying.